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Plantation Rum Jamaica Vintage 2000

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Jamaican style rum is renowned as the most intensely flavoured and bodied rum distilled in the Caribbean. Jamaican style is to rum what Islay whisky is to scotch – big, powerful and flavoursome. A longer fermentation and short pot-still distillation infuses this rum with a bold range of intense spice and fruity characteristics. If you are new to premium craft rums, you may be surprised by the experience of the flavour intensity. This is the opposite end of the flavour spectrum to your average, flavour lacking rum mixer.

The nose is immensely aromatic – fresh spices, ginger, clove, coriander, nutmeg, orange marmalade, candied fruit, melon, paw paw and mango. Pungent overripe fruits, the scents of a Caribbean festival, complex and fragrant.

Flavours of a spicy, rummy fruit salad desert. The palate follows the nose to a sweet, spicy, pungent fruit basket. Loads of tropical fruits notes fade to a sugar cane juice finish.

Appearance: Amber.

Nose: A Jamaican spice rack.

Palate: Spicy fruits and tropical fruit juices.

Finish: Medium length fruit and sweet sugars.

A rum with such a flavour profile is perfect for any cocktail requiring a strong rum presence.  We recommend two classics that will bring out the very best in this vintage Jamaican starting off with a true classic: the Old Jamaican.


garnish: Mint sprig 

glass: Highball

How to make it:

In a shaker, gently muddle the mint and lime juice. Add the remaining ingredients except the champagne and fill with ice. Shake, and strain into a highball glass filled with fresh ice. Top with champagne and garnish with a mint sprig.

Then on to the perfect summer drink: Planter's Punch.


  • 60 ml Plantation Rum Jamaica Vintage 2000
  • ½ ounce freshly squeezed strained lime juice
  • 2 teaspoons simple syrup
  • Dash of grenadine
  • 3 to 4 ice cubes
  • 1 maraschino cherry for garnish
  • 1 slice orange for garnish

Combine the rum, lime juice, simple syrup, and grenadine in a cocktail shaker with the ice cubes. Shake vigorously and taste. Add more simple syrup if needed. Strain into a highball glass. Garnish with the cherry and slice of orange. Serve immediately.

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