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New Regulations

To all our valued regular customers and new browsers to our website.

The federal government has legislated the Tobacco Advertising Prohibition Amendment Regulation 2012.
that places restrictions on the display of tobacco products and text used to describe such products.  This is in addition to the Tobacco Plain Packaging Act 2011 that stipulates that all products must be covered in an olive green container with regulation font and size stating the name of the product.  In the case of cigars that results in the removal of any cigar bands/rings on the cigar itself and the removal of any plastic or aluminium casing that displays any branding whatsoever.  Please calls us directly on 02 9634 1155 if you have any questions regarding the plain packaging regulations and the impact it may have on the products you'd like to purchase.
The legislation came into effect on 6th September 2012 and we need to conform to the new legislation that is the equivalent of "plain packaging" for online sales of tobacco products. In order to adhere to this legislation and not risk the $66,000 fine, we need to remove all cigar or tobacco related images from the site, as well as all descriptions of the products.