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Best Buy Cigars Online in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney & Australia

Welcome to CigarHut - Your boutique online cigar merchant

There's nothing like the aroma and taste of the world's finest cigars.

At Cigar Hut, we appreciate the beauty of premium-quality cigars made by the world's premier manufacturers. It's our mission to bring the best of the best to our customers at astonishingly competitive prices.

Cigar Hut specialises in rare cigars and smoking products most customers don't even know are available in Australia. We appreciate the rare pleasure to be had in unwrapping a privately imported cigar, clipping it and lighting it up to enjoy with your favourite beverage.

We're the destination of choice for the most discerning cigar connoisseur, and with good reason.

Best Cigars in Australia

Those of you who enjoy an occasional fine cigar know how hard it is to find a truly excellent smoke.  Cigar Hut understands that and offers a wide range of high quality and distinctive cigars online. We offer free shipping anywhere in Australia and a selection that is second to none. We offer the best Cuban cigars online in Australia. These cigars are imported from the cigar rolling capital of the world. We don't believe you will find finer Cuban cigars in Australia today than at the Cigar Hut.

We also carry a full line of cigar smoking accessories such as cutters, holders, ashtrays and humidors. We take great pride in being Australia's exclusive boutique cigar merchant and are pleased to offer the discerning cigar connoisseur the finest selection of hard to find cigars anywhere. When you order from our website you will be guaranteed that the product you buy will be delivered in perfect condition with our quality money back promise. Your complete satisfaction is our only objective.

Cheap Cigars Australia

it's a boy it's a girl cigarsThe tradition of handing out it's a boy, it's a girl cigars have been around for a long time but the exact beginning of the concept is not clear. Most likely this tradition started back when the husband was not in the delivery room and instead, sat in the waiting room. Often the man was visited or accompanied in his anxiety filled wait by close friends or relatives. Upon receiving the good news of the birth the husband would often pass out cigars as a way to thank those that stayed by his side through the birth ordeal. Today, new fathers typically give out a cigar to friends and relatives as a way of announcing the birth. Often, this is the only time a man will purchase cigars so he may not have a good idea where to go for good but cheap cigars in Sydney. A better alternative may be to go online to the Cigar Hut and order your cigars online. The price is reasonable and the selection is great. We have Chavitos or Petit Coronas for either boy or girl announcements and we can deliver them in plenty of time to celebrate the birth.

Buying Cigars online in Perth

Cigar connoisseurs who buy cigar bundles on a regular basis will be pleased to know that in Australia there is one online store that carries many of the premium brands available today. Sales of Cohiba cigars online have been steadily increasing as more people become comfortable using the internet to shop. The history of Cohiba cigars is as interesting as the cigars are popular. Cohiba is the brand name for a cigar that is made with tobacco that has been through an extra fermentation process. The brand was originally designated as a special product made exclusively for Fidel Castro and members of his political party. History has it that one of Castro's body guards smoked Cohiba cigars and that Fidel was so taken by the aroma that he asked for them to be made especially for himself and his cronies. Che Guevara added to the popularity of this brand when he declared that he had never smoked a better tasting cigar. The extra fermentation process is done in wooden barrels and produces a smoother flavoured cigar as a result of the extra step. These cigars are full bodied and are considered one of the finest cigars in the world.

Cigars Melbourne

Many cigar brands have unique and interesting histories behind them. CAO cigars were fisrt sold in 1995. While not an old company, this company has gained a reputation for high quality and superb tasting cigars. They are made in Nicaragua with tobaccos from Nicaragua and Mexico. The 3 main product lines are CAO Gold Maduro, Italia, and CAO Gold. All three are very popular and are often back ordered as demand tends to outstrip capacity at the factory.

Another favourite of cigar aficionados are Arturo Fuente Cigars. This brand was founded by its namesake, Arturo Fuente in the early part of the last century. Originally from Tampa Florida the brand was suspended after a large fire destroyed the factory. Production resumed in 1946 and when the USA embargoed Cuban cigars this brand began a slow rise in demand over the years. In the 70's the brand moved their production to Nicaragua where their factory was again destroyed by fire during the Nicaraguan revolution. They moved production to the Dominican Republic after the fire where they currently are thriving as their brand gains popularity.

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